In Bermuda Run, we believe in holding onto the values and traditions of our past even as we embrace our growth and progress.
Our Vision is to aspire to be a welcoming small town with a diverse economic base and excellent quality of life.

How Bermuda Run Came To Be

Ariston Farm was built by David and China Lybrook in the early 1920s from sketches Lybrook casually drew on paper. The house was built from stones found on the farm and the wood was cut and cured on the farm. What was once a major cattle and horse farm became a luxurious retirement community, a private country club and golf course, and the newest town in Davie County.

When Billy Satterfield, a plumber’s helper from nearby Clemmons, looked across the river in his search for reasonably priced land to build his own country club, he found a farm for sale. Price: $1,000 an acre. Armed with artists renderings of what the club would be, he sold 175 lots for $10,000 each. Buyers paid the $10,000; then their lot location was assigned by conducting a drawing. Arnold Palmer took the first lot and Bermuda Run Country Club was born.

In the 1980s the country club was sold with the undeeded land to developers who purchased an additional 234 acres of the Lybrook farm (giving Bermuda Run a total of 900+ acres) on the Davie County side of the Yadkin River. The community underwent an expansion that added a plush retirement center, luxury condominiums and another nine holes of golf. Recently, there has been further expansion of the community when another clubhouse and golf course were added along with additional home sites.

Bermuda Run Today

Today, the town includes numerous residential developments, a thriving business community, Davie Medical Center, diverse shopping and restaurant options, walking trails, and more.

WinMock Special Events Center and BB&T Sports Parks are popular destinations for residents and bring a lot of visitors to our town year-round.


The Davie County School System prides itself on excellence that is recognized throughout North Carolina. A professional staff, supportive community, effective facilities, and key resources have continually produced students ready for today’s challenges. We invite you to visit Davie County and discover how our schools are Taking the Lead.



The Davie County Schools…


In February of 2017, the Town of Bermuda Run embarked on the process of updating its five-year-old Comprehensive Plan. The update was initiated to take inventory of accomplishments, evaluate changes, and take advantage of new opportunities.

To see the entire plan, click here.

  • Bermuda Run is situated just off Interstate 40 on the eastern end of Davie County…
  • The town is surrounded by Yadkin County to the north, Forsyth County to the northeast, Davidson County to the…
  • With a population of 2,610…
  • BB&T Sports Park covers 90 acres and features 13 full-sized soccer…
  • WinMock is a special events center located in the heart of…
Office Official Term Ends
Mayor John Guglielmi 2019
Council Chris Fowler 2021
Council Rick Cross 2021
Council Mike Ernst 2021
Council Jerry West 2019
Council VACANT 2019

Elected Officials & Staff

The Town of Bermuda Run is chartered as a Council-Manager form of government and is led by a Mayor and five Council Members, who provide leadership through the setting of Town goals and policies. The Council selects and hires the Town Manager, who administers the day to day operations of the Town and provides research and recommendations to the Council for guidance in its decision-making process. The Town Manager hires and directs the Town staff.

The Council Meeting is held the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm in the Town Hall. At this meeting, the Council votes on any needed municipal matters, provides an opportunity for public comment and conducts any necessary public hearings as required by law. The Council also meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 9:00 am to set the agenda for upcoming Council Meeting. The Mayor conducts each Council Meeting and votes in case of a tie by the Council. All Town meetings are open to the public. Meeting schedules are posted on the Town Hall bulletin board and at the Post Office Package Room on Bermuda Run Drive.

The method of election of members to the Council is known as “At-Large” election. Each resident has the opportunity to vote for any candidate seeking office, regardless of neighborhood location. Therefore, Council Members represent the interests of all Bermuda Run residents.


Town Manager, Lee Rollins

Town Clerk, Cindy Griffith

Accounts Payable, Dina Bowman

Title Member Term Ends
Rod Guthrie 2022
Tom Brady 2021
Bryan Thompson 2022
Lynn Senger 2020
Lynn Marcellino 2022
Ken Peacock 2020
David Strand 2022
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Bermuda Run Town Hall 336-998-0906
Ambulance, Fire, Sheriff 911
Animal Control 336-751-0227
Environmental Emergency 800-424-8802
Highway Patrol 336-751-2021 or 704-637-0207
DC Sheriff’s Department 336-751-6238
Non-emergencies 336-751-6238