As a resident of Bermuda Run, you are an important part of an incredible population of individuals and families. We hope you feel at home here and that you take pride in the community that you call home.

Trash Pickup Schedule
(Republic Services 336-751-1585)
Kinderton Village: Tuesday Mornings
Bermuda Run East: Wednesday Mornings
Bermuda Run West: Wednesday Mornings

Important Reminders:

Do not put trash bins in the street.

Items not in the trash and recycle bins will not be picked up.

For more information from Davie County, click HERE.



Building Permits/Inspections

Davie County Development Services issues building permits and conducts building inspections. The Davie County Development Services office is located at 172 Clement Street in Mocksville. For additional information, please contact their office at 336-753-6050. Prior to the issuance of a building permit, a zoning permit or waiver is required from the Town of Bermuda Run.

  • Town of Bermuda Run $0.15 per $100 valuation
  • $420 annual gate fee

For tax questions, please contact the Davie County Tax Supervisor located at 123 South Main Street, Mocksville, NC 27028 by calling 336-753-6130.

Water & Sewer Service

The Davie County Water Department bills for all water and/or sewer charges in the Town of Bermuda Run.

To view the current rates and obtain more information, visit Davie County Government Website. (Phone:  336-753-6090)

Planning & Zoning

The Town of Bermuda Run issues zoning permits for all new construction, renovations, signs, and grading. A complete application must be submitted and the required fees paid in full prior to issuance of any zoning permit. A zoning permit from the Town of Bermuda Run must be obtained before requesting a building permit from the Davie County Inspections Office.

Zoning permits, sign permits, and development applications may be submitted to the Davie County Inspections Office.

Ordinances & Forms

Ordinances & Policies

Keeping of Animals Ordinance

Right of Way Ordinance

Public Nuisance Ordinance

Begging, Soliciting, Panhandling Ordinance

Storm Water Policy

Golf Cart Ordinance

Gate Operation FAQ and Gate Management System Portal

Open Burning – No open burning except as allowed by a permit. Permits are issued at Town Hall.

Discharge of Firearms – It is unlawful for any person to discharge a firearm within the Town of Bermuda Run (except: in defense of person or property; under lawful direction of law enforcement officers; by licensed persons lawfully engaged in pest control; or, at historic ceremonial or commemoration functions.)