To:       Town Residents of Kinderton Village

From:   H. Lee Rollins, Town Manager

Date:   April 19, 2017

RE:      Proposed Twin City Sports Park Expansion Plans

As a follow up to the public comments made during the April 11th Town Council meeting and the emails expressing concerns for and disapproval of proposed Twin City Sports Park expansion plans, please be advised of the following update of information.

We received notice from Twin City Youth Soccer Association that they have heard the concerns of the Kinderton Village residents regarding their project. Twin City will no longer propose the following as part of their expansion plans and conditional rezoning request, which will require a site plan submittal:

  • The proposed street connection (including an emergency access gate) as shown in the conceptual plan, will be removed from their official site plan submittal.
  • The proposed parking lot and restrooms west of the three new soccer fields and closest to Kilbourne Drive, will be removed from their official site plan submittal.
  • The proposed walking path that runs north of the parking lot and behind Kilbourne Drive lots, will be removed from their official site plan submittal.


Twin City Youth Soccer has asked the Bermuda Run Town Council to assist in conducting a traffic study to:

  1. Identify alternatives for improving emergency vehicle access.
  2. Identify alternatives for improving traffic flow for those leaving BB&T Sports Park.


The three artificial turf fields as shown in the sports park expansion plans are on property currently zoned RM-Residential Mixed. The current zoning would allow for a maximum of eight (8) units per acre of residential development.

Therefore, in order for the proposed expansion plans of the three (3) additional fields to take place, the property in question must be rezoned. An application for rezoning the property must be submitted before any official consideration takes place. The timeline is as follows:

  1. A request for rezoning submittal is received by the Town Zoning Administrator.
  2. The Town Zoning Administrator prepares a packet for the Planning Board to consider the merits of the request. The Planning Board may recommend to the Town Council to approve, deny, or defer the request for rezoning.
  3. The Town Council receives the request for rezoning and report from the Planning Board and duly announces and advertises a date for a public hearing on the rezoning request.
  4. The public hearing provides another opportunity for residents to speak for or against the rezoning request as presented. Once the required public hearing is complete, the Town Council has the opportunity to take action to approve, deny, or defer the rezoning request.