Comprehensive Plan Updates

Here We PLAN Again!

The Town of Bermuda Run adopted its Comprehensive Plan five years ago in 2012 and has been very successful at implementing most of the strategies in the plan.  With the changing economic and infrastructure landscapes, the Town will be revisiting its plan to update it.  The Town will need your help, once again, in guiding the future of Bermuda Run.

The Town’s Planning Board will serve as the Steering Committee for the update and Benchmark Planning, the town’s planning consultant, will assist with the update.  The process will take approximately 9 months to complete and include the following steps and tentative schedule:

  • Phase 1:  Update Background Information and Maps (February & March)

The team will produce an updated background information report and maps taking into account the following:

  •  Implementation status of the existing Comprehensive Plan
  •  How conditions to-date differ from what was originally anticipated
  •  Changes in utilities, infrastructure, planned developments, and related land use issues
  •  Completion of the first two phases of the WFBH Davie Hospital Campus
  •  Recent Retail Coach and Highway 158 Corridor studies
  •  New opportunities
  • Phase 2:  Visioning and Public Input (April & May)

The Town will distribute a survey and hold a day-long drop-in public input workshop to solicit input on an updated vision and different plan components including Community Character and Identity, Infrastructure, Economic Development, and Land Use.  The Town will utilize its Facebook page, website, and a separate project website to provide information regarding the plan.

  • Phase 3:  Draft Plan Update (June-August)

Benchmark Planning will work with the Steering Committee to ensure that the draft vision statement is an accurate reflection of what is desired by the Town’s citizens. After producing updated background information and analyzing public input, the project team will produce a draft Comprehensive Plan Update and present it to the Steering Committee for feedback and guidance.

  • Phase 4:  Adoption Process (September-October)

The draft plan will be posted on the project website and presented at a public meeting.  Following the presentation, changes may be made to reflect the input that was received, and a final draft will be produced.  After review and any requested changes, the Planning Board will make a recommendation to the Town Council regarding the adoption of the Comprehensive Plan Update.  The Town Council will then hold a public hearing and consider adoption of the plan update.

More information about the Town of Bermuda Run Comprehensive Plan Update process will be posted in the coming months on the Town’s website and Town’s Facebook page.  You can also get more information by contacting the Town Hall at 336-998-0906.