Town of Bermuda Run, North Carolina – October 16, 2017

At its October 10, 2017 meeting, the Bermuda Run Town Council approved a proposed agreement with the Davie County Sheriff’s Office to provide one fully equipped and fully trained law enforcement officer, commonly referred to as a “Community Officer”, dedicated for duty within the Town Limits for forty hours per week. Deployment of this dedicated officer will be as soon as practicable.

The addition of a Community Officer is in keeping with the Town Council’s commitment to continuously listen to and act on the needs of town residents.  It is also consistent with the feedback received during the recent public input survey portion of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan. Town residents expressed a specific desire for the Town to, “work with the Davie County Sheriff to establish a law enforcement agreement to provide enhanced safety patrols and traffic enforcement, including the oversight of golf cart use”.

The Bermuda Run Town Council wishes to thank Sheriff J.D. Hartman for his willingness to respond to the increasing requests of residents for additional patrols over and above what the Sheriff’s Department currently provides. There will be no reduction of law enforcement coverage within the Bermuda Run Town Limits when the Community Officer is not on duty. As this program begins to be implemented, the Town will provide additional information regarding timelines and expectations of service.