Update 2/2/16 about Sales Tax

From Mayor Rethmeier 2/2/16:

Last night the Davie County Commissioners held their monthly meeting and had the Sales Tax allocation method on their agenda for discussion.  All three Towns (Cooleemee, Mocksville, and Bermuda Run) had speakers address our mutual serious concerns about the adverse impact we will feel if the Commissioners change the allocation method for sales tax.  The Commissioners plan to take this item up for action during their April meeting.  During the next few weeks, the Town encourages you to voice your opinion to the Commissioners in opposition to this potential serious reduction of the Town’s revenue.  We will keep you updated as the issue progresses.


Previous Message:

As you have read in today’s Journal West & the Enterprise Record, Davie County Commissioners are considering a change to the method they use to allocate State Sales Tax Revenues to the Towns of Cooleemee, Mocksville, & Bermuda Run….end result?

What this change means for Bermuda Run….

  • Current & previous Town Councils have a long-standing commitment to fund CORE government services with sustainable property tax revenues...the property tax rate is capped at 15 cents per $100 valuation because residents want its government to live within its means!
  • Sales Tax is the second highest generator of Town revenue, representing 33% of our total operating income…Sales Tax revenues are used for capital & major Town projects NOT core services…too uncertain!
  • The County‘s proposed change cuts our capital needs budget by $273,321 or a reduction in Sales Tax revenue of nearly 53%…
  • Significantly reduces our ability to leverage and initiate key capital projects & Town initiatives… such as intersection improvements at US 158 & Hwy 801, greenways connecting residents to our Kinderton Commercial area & Tanglewood Park, as well as, key elements of the Town Comprehensive plan…the PLAN Town residents helped create…where is the County Comprehensive Plan?
  • Disproportionately lays the burden on the Towns of Bermuda Run, Cooleemee & Mocksville, who are 20% of the population, to fund core County government functions ALL residents of Davie County benefit from…How is that fair & equitable?
  • The County Commissioner’s solution to help the Towns replace lost Income? To raise your Town property taxes by more than 30%+…Where’s the logic for that?

 What is the County & its leadership doing to solve these problems?

  • The County claims these problems include needs for EMS, the Fire Department, & other core county services you receive from your property taxes….why attempt to solve these needs with volatile & uncertain sales tax revenue?
  • The County is projected to receive an additional $801,000 in sales tax revenue in 2017…regardless of what they do now…so, why the urgency to make this change?


Where:  County Commissioner’s Meeting

When:   Monday, February 1, 2016 at 6 p.m.

Location:  County Office Building, Mocksville

Voice your opposition directly to your County Commissioners!   Commissioners Terry Renegar & John Ferguson live in OUR Town…!